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    Fleas in winter

    How to check for fleas on your pet?

    If you want to check whether your pet has fleas, research their fur while looking for black dots. It is convenient to use a flea comb, as it’s the best way to see if the dots that you’ve found are really feces of fleas. Put the black grains that you’ve found in the fur with the comb, on a wet piece of paper (such as a piece of paper towel). If they leave a red color on the paper, then you know for sure that those are feces from fleas.

    Prevent fleas?

    To ensure that your pet is not the dupe every time there’s a potential fleas’ plague, there are a few ways to prevent flea bites.
    The collars of Seresto are one of the best choices in the category of precaution. These collars ensure that your pet is being protected from fleas, ticks and lice for eight months. Ideal!
    Furthermore, there are also products from brands such as Frontline, Advantix and Advantage to treat the fleas and also to protect against fleas for 4 to 8 weeks. 

    Treat fleas?

    If you've noticed during the fleas check that your pet has got fleas, it is obviously necessary to combat it. To do so, there are various products available. The best-known brands are, like mentioned above, Frontline, Advantix, Advantage, but also Bolfo and Prac-tic have very good options.
    Most products have a so-called spot-on effect. Which means you need to aply a few drops in the neck of the pet with a pipette or tube. This shall ensure that fleas are slain within a few days. In addition, the droplets often also work well for lice and ticks.
    Besides treating your pet, it is important to disinfect the area. This is done with a convenient spray like Indoor-X or Bolfo Fleegard. These pest-sprays kill fleas and prevent a new flea life cycle in the surroundings. The Bolfo Fleegard spray contains a special Insect Growth Regulator, this is a substance that prevents maturation of the larvae without being harmful to humans.

    Don’t you forget the worms?

    Worms and fleas are often present in the same period. The reason for this is, when your pet bites and scratches to fight the itch of flea, he/she will also bring fleas inside by accident. In their digestive system reveals the worm which was hiding inside the flea. This is how your pet can get worms.

    For both worms and fleas applies that you should regularly check and especially operate preventive, even in winter! This way you avoid a period full of itchiness for your pet and a period of disinfect and fighting fleas for yourself.
    At Petduka you are at the right address for both combating as preventive products! View all products per pet here: 

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