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    How to apply a spot-on pipette against external parasites such as fleas or ticks

    General directions before applying a pipet against external parasites as fleas, ticks, sandflies.
    Always read the instructions and directions on the package before use.
    A Spot-On product against fleas and ticks is intended for external use and should not be administered orally. Apply the product only to the undamaged skin.
    Do not allow the contents of the pipette to come into contact with the eyes or mouth of animals or people and avoid recently treated animals licking each other.
    Do not eat, drink or smoke during administration.
    Wash hands thoroughly after use.

    Remove the pipette from the packaging. There are pipettes with a seal or with a breaking line.
    For a pipette with a seal: hold the pipette upright, twist and remove the cap. Put the cap back upside down, turn to break the seal and remove the cap again.
    For a breakline pipette, hold the pipette upright. Break off the top point along the break line.

    In the upright dog or cat, separate the hair at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin becomes visible. This place is difficult for your animal to reach during washing or licking. This way you prevent your animal from licking up the product, so that the product cannot do its job as well. Place the opening of the pipette on the skin. Tap the narrow part of the pipette to ensure that the content remains in the lower part of the pipette and gently press several times to apply the content directly to the skin.

    With larger pipette volume in heavier dogs, it is advisable to distribute the pipette content over several places in the neck and on the back. In this case, try to prevent the dog from licking the drops directly, e.g. by taking a long walk or by feeding and distracting your pet.

    Side effects after licking
    The product has a bitter taste and salivation may occasionally occur if the animal does lick the application site immediately after treatment. This is not an immediate poisoning phenomenon and disappears within minutes without treatment. Correct administration minimizes the opportunity for the dog to lick the product.

    Just a few renowned brands
    The Advantage pipette works against fleas in dogs and cats.
    For the dog there is the Advantix pipette against fleas, ticks, sand flies and mosquitoes.
    Frontline is also a very well-known brand. Frontline Spot-On works against fleas and ticks in dogs and cats.
    Frontline Combo also works via an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) in the environment against the development of flea eggs and larvae

    Good luck and on a parasite-free pet!

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