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    Read all the ins & outs about worm control in dogs and cats

    Worm control in dogs and cats.
    Worms are harmful to the health of our pets, but worm infections can also be
    transmitted to humans through direct contact or through an infected
    environment. That is why it is important to deworm your pet regularly.
    Puppies and kittens are already infected with roundworm larvae in the womb or
    through breast milk. Later infection from the environment takes place, usually by
    taking eggs from the ground (roundworms such as ascarids), via eating an
    intermediate host such as flea, a rodent or fresh meat (tapeworms), or via
    stinging insects (heartworm -Dirofilaria immitis- in Southern Europe).

    Our pets are at risk throughout their lives and latent worm infections are
    common. It is therefore recommended that every dog ​​and cat be treated
    regularly and for life with the right medication.
    The worm schemes for puppies and kittens are usually known, but how often do
    we have to worm our adult pets?
    • It is wise to deworm all pets up to 4 times a year (depending on the risk profile).
    • Hunting dogs and dogs that run most of the time free: deworming every 4-6 weeks.
    • Import dogs and dogs that go on holiday to heartworm areas, especially Southern-Europe:
      deworming monthly up to 1 month after returning home.
    What else can you do?
    • Limit the risk of contamination of your pet.
    • Good personal hygiene, especially hand washing after contact with pets and before eating.
    • Clean up the feces of your pet.
    • Minimize exposure of children to a potentially contaminated environment and teach them good personal hygiene.
    • Regular brushing of dogs reduces the risk of fur infection with worm eggs.
    • A trip to Southern Europe? A good insect control on your pet is also important to prevent heartworm disease.
    Extra attention is needed for:
    People with a less effective immune system:
    Pregnant women
    Babies and toddlers
    Persons with a mental handicap
    People with a job-specific risk

    The working spectrum of a wormproduct depends on the composition. Broad-spectrum top brands are Drontal and Milbemax.

    If you still have questions, our team will be happy to answer them.

    Peter Henk,

    DVM at Petduka

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