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    Cat Fleas: The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Them

    Fleas are much more than annoying parasites, but can be a serious health threat. Unfortunately, both outdoor and indoor cats can come into contact with fleas quite easily. As soon as those jumping parasites grab onto the coat of your cat, they will find the right spot to bite, grow and reproduce. Fleas can stay on their victim for days causing skin complaints and by biting and feeding on blood produce further harm. In the meantime they will infect the surroundings with their offspring.

    Even if our furry friend wasn't showing a severe reaction to fleas, many would be uncomfortable and irritated. 

    How do you know that your cat has fleas?

     You might notice some of these symptoms:

    • Intense skin itching
    • Licking, rubbing, and chewing of the skin
    • Redness, scabs and sores
    • Hair loss
    • Restlessness
    • Evidence of fleas scurrying in warm areas (on the belly and between legs)
    • Finding the black flea dirt in the fur and especially in the flea comb. Those flea feces will turn red (sucked blood) on a wet piece of paper towel.
    • Even pale gums in the younger animal


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    What is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of fleas?

    If they hitched a ride on your cat, it could be difficult to spot these masters of hiding. And while it's possible to control fleas growth, doing so is not relatively easy.


    There are various types of cat fleas treatments available. Spot-ons consist of a little vial of fluid that should be applied directly to the skin on the cat's lower neck. (to avoid licking). A new revolution in flea control that is much more effective and contains safer ingredients is the flea collars which is certainly something to consider.

    Eggs, larvae and pupae will infect the environment, while pupae are resistant to freezing, drying, and insecticides, and can survive for many months! When time is right and activity is noticed new fleas develop from pupae and can begin feeding within hours of finding your cat. In optimal circumstances the flea life cycle can be completed in as little as three weeks. So don't forget to clean and vacuum the house and finish with a flea spray that also kills eggs.

    How does a flea collar for cats work?

    A flea collar kills fleas through simple contact. "It releases controlled, active substances that dissolve and spreads throughout the fatty layers of the cat's skin to target fleas anywhere on its body," explains Dr. Peter Henk Gijsman from Petduka. The best fleas collar is odor-free, water-resistant, and effective for up to 8 months. An easy and long-lasting alternative to help your cat stay happy and healthy without risking further irritations and going overdose.


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