Nutri-plus Cat

Support the immune system and increase the resistance .

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Product disclaimer

De producten van Hill's Prescription Diet worden specifiek ontwikkeld voor gebruik van diagnose door en onder begeleiding van een dierenarts.. Vooraleer u kan overgaan tot het aankopen van dit product, dient u het volgende te bevestigen Uw huisdier werd onderzocht door een dierenarts, welke op basis van zijn diagnose het gebruik van dit product heeft aanbevolen. U heeft begrepen en bent akkoord dat u minstens om de 6 maanden het advies dient in te winnen van uw dierenarts met betrekking tot het gebruik van dit product door uw huisdier. U heeft begrepen en bent akkoord dat, indien de toestand van uw huisdier op enige manier zou verslechteren, u onmiddellijk het advies van uw dierenarts dient in te winnen.

Product information

Nutri-Plus Cat is a supplementary feed for cats, tasty, energy-dense paste with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Animals with a high metabolism as fast-growing young kittens, pregnant and lactating queens
  • Promote healthy skin and coat
  • Support recovery from illness or surgery
  • Stimulation of appetite
Manufacturu Virbac
Brand Nutri-plus
Animal typ Cat
Age Kitten, Young, Adult, Senior
Usage Paste/Oil
Indication Skin - Coat, Vitamins
Contra indication

Directly or by administering through he food in an amount of 2 x day 1 teaspoon (that is 5.4 g, approximately 16 cm pasta) per 5 kg body weight.It may be useful to first give a little bit in the mouth to get the cat used to the paste. Can be given until the cat has recovered physically or during heavy periods.

Containing glucose syrup, soybean oil, fish oil cod liver, hydrolysed animal proteins, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. 
Additives per kg: 
Vitamin A: 202,961 IU Vitamin B6: 200 mg 
Vitamin D3: 10,004 IU Vitamin B12 440 micrograms 
Vitamin E 1058 IU Taurine: 1428 mg 
Vitamin B2: 53mg Iron: 92mg 
Vitamin B3 400 mg Iodine: 92 mg 
Vitamin B5: 330 mg Manganese 179 mg 
Analysis: Energy value 15.8 MJ / kg, crude protein 1.2%, crude fat and 31%, crude fiber 2.1%, ash 2.3%, Omega 3: 2.3% , omega 6: 13.6%, calcium: 0.0200%, phosphorus: 0.0073% potassium: 0.0880% and magnesium: 0.0066%. 
2 teaspoons (10.8 g) provide to 108 IU of vitamin D3, and 1.9 manganese, 1.0 mg of iodine per 5 kg body weight.
Side effects


Amelia Soares

Bought it from Amazon uk, because it is not available in Portugal (only Nutriplus gel fot both cats and dogs, but it has no taurine). It is a great product, it helped my late cat in the final stages of renal failure, and now I give it to my very healthy, but very finicky cat, that never eats as much as he should.

Just a question...1(one) teaspoon of paste is equal to 16(sixteen) cm of paste ?! Are you sure? It seems a bit too much for me...

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