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Milbemax Cat

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Milbemax Cat for the treatment of infection with immature and adult roundworms and tapeworms in cats. Prevention of heartworm disease in cats.

  • Roundworms: Toxocara cati
  • Hookworms: Ancylostoma tubaeforme
  • Tapeworms: Dipylidium caninum (dog tapeworm), Taenia spp, Echinococcus multilocularis (fox tapeworm)
  • Prevention of heartworm disease: Dirofilaria immitis

Milbemax small Cat / Kitten: 0.5 tablet per kg bodyweight. Milbemax Kat: 0.5 tablet per 4 tablet per kg bodyweight.

Manufacturer Novartis
Brand Milbemax
Type of animal Cat
Age Young, Adult, Senior
Usage Tablets/Capsules
Indication Ascarids, Hookworms, Tapeworm, Dipylidium Tapeworm, Echinococcus Tapworm, Heartworm
Contra indication

Milbemax small Cat / Kitten do not administer to cats less than 6 weeks and / or weighing less than 0.5 kg.Kat Milbemax do not administer to cats weighing less than 2 kg.


The recommended minimum dosage for cats is 2 mg of milbemycin oxime and 5 mg of praziquantel per kg, administered once orally. 

 Cat Body Weight   



   0.5 - 1 kg

  Milbemax Cal small/Kitten   

   0.5 tablet   

     1 - 2 kg

  Milbemax Cat small/Kitten 

   1 tablet

     2 - 4 kg

  Milbemax Cat

   0.5 tablet  

     4 - 8 kg

  Milbemax Cat

   1 tablet

    8 -12 kg

  Milbemax Cat

   1.5 tablet

The tablets can be administered directly to the cat or mixed with food. Single oral administration.Dietary measures are not necessary.


Active ingredient:Milbemax Cat samll/Kitten: 4 mg of milbemycin oxime and 10 mg of praziquantel per tablet.Milbemax Cat: 16 mg of milbemycin oxime and 40 mg of praziquantel per tablet.

Side effects

In rare cases, especially in young cats: General symptoms such as lethargy. Neurological symptoms such as muscle tremors and ataxia. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea.


The information presented here is a summary of the information leaflet. Consult the full product information leaflet before use. You can also find this on the website of the manufacturer or importer.

Product reviews Milbemax Cat
10 / 10
denise 20 January 2017

Milbemax is the best worm dose product on the market at the moment. My very healthy and happy 6 year old tabby, named Brucie has been taking this product for over 4 years now. Brucie who is on the aerokat inhaler for his asthma has had no side effects while taking this product. Excellent product for very active cats who like to hunt a lot, like Brucie :) every cat lover should try this product if you care about the health of your feline friend. You won't be disappointed !!!