Effipro Spray

A leading spot on flea treatment for both cats and dogs. Each application of Effipro flea treatment kills both fleas and ticks.

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De producten van Hill's Prescription Diet worden specifiek ontwikkeld voor gebruik van diagnose door en onder begeleiding van een dierenarts.. Vooraleer u kan overgaan tot het aankopen van dit product, dient u het volgende te bevestigen Uw huisdier werd onderzocht door een dierenarts, welke op basis van zijn diagnose het gebruik van dit product heeft aanbevolen. U heeft begrepen en bent akkoord dat u minstens om de 6 maanden het advies dient in te winnen van uw dierenarts met betrekking tot het gebruik van dit product door uw huisdier. U heeft begrepen en bent akkoord dat, indien de toestand van uw huisdier op enige manier zou verslechteren, u onmiddellijk het advies van uw dierenarts dient in te winnen.

Product information

Effipro Spray for the prevention and treatment of fleas and ticks in dogs and cats.

  • Kills fleas within a day and prevents flea infestation for 6 weeks in cats and 12 weeks in dogs.
  • Kills ticks within 1 to 2 days and has a repellent activity against ticks for 4 weeks (depending on the type of tick)

The product can be used at a flea allergy.

Manufacturer Virbac
Brand Effipro
Type of animal Dog,Cat
Age Pup, Kitten, Young, Adult, Senior
Usage Spray
Indication Fleas, Ticks
Contra indication

Do not use on sick or reconvalescent animals. Do not use in rabbits.


Use de product with the aid of the spray pump. Make the hair moist down to the skin. Recommended dosage: 3-6 ml per kg body weight depending upon the hair length (this corresponds to 7.5 to 15 mg of active substance per kg of body weight).

 Content flask 

 Pump Stroke in ml 

 Dosage pro kg B.W.

 Treatments per flask

 100 ml


 6-12 x pump strokes 


 Cat 4 kg: 4-8 treatments Dog 10 kg: 3 treatments


 250 ml


 2-4 x pump strokes


 Dog 20 kg: 2-4 treatments 


 500 ml


 1-2 x pump strokes


 Dog 40 kg: 2-4 treatments


Spray the whole animal from a distance of about 10-20 cm. Spray the wrong way and make sure the entire coat is thoroughly moistened. Rub the coat, especially in long-haired animals, so that the product reaches the skin. Spray can be sprayed on a glove and then rubbed into the coat. Allow the animal to air dry. The minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks. Puppies and kittens from 2 days old can be handled safely.

Composition Contains 2,5 mg fipronil per ml
Side effects Licking may occasionally causes salivation.

Attachment of individual ticks may occur. Avoid contact of the product with mouth, eyes and skin.Wash hands after use. Do not touch treated animals until the application site is dry. The product may have adverse effects on painted, varnished or other household surfaces or furnishings. The product is not suitable as a environment spray. Keep treated animals away from fire and other heat sources. Use in pregnant and lactating bitches and queens queens has not been studied. 


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